Creative Man Builds a Lavish Backyard Mansion for His Dogs That Includes a Pool and a Fire Hydrant

Aaron Franks, a very creative man who built a lavish backyard mansion for his four beloved dogs that includes everything a dog could want, including a pool with a skull header and a bright yellow fire hydrant. Being that Franks is a father to three children, his wife was a bit concerned about the time he was putting into the project, but fell in love with it once it was completed.

Aaron Franks started work on the elaborate open plan doggy home two years ago using spare wood in his backyard but over time has added a swimming pool, water dispenser, tunnels, two security cameras and three swings. …While dad-of-three Aaron admits his wife Toni was unaware of the sheer scale of his project beforehand, despite being ‘shocked’ at the finished home, she now loves it.