Modern Magnetic Neckties That Conveniently Attach to Magnetic Knots For Easily Interchangeable Styles

Brothers Ryan and Daniel Smith of Modern Tie have created a unique line of men and boys’ neckwear that easily attaches to and detaches from a pre-fabricated neodymium magnetic knot. This simple system allows for easy interchangeable style. Both the magnetic knots and attachable ties come in a variety of styles, sizes, colors, and prints. Every tie fits every knot and every knot fits every tie they offer.

Inspired by tradition and revamped with modern flare, we took the classic necktie and made it new. Modern Tie puts the style into your hands and allows you to accessorize like never before. …All of our ties utilize industrial strength neodymium magnets. Each magnet giving it a hold strength of over 12 lbs of pressure! This guarantees your tie is going to stay in and looking good no matter what adventure you’re up to!

How Modern Tie Works

Portions of the proceeds from Modern Tie will go to KnotAnotherLife, a campaign to help fight against opioid addiction.

For every tie sold Modern Tie donates a portion to treatment center scholarships, and to further education that’s so vital for the Youth. Prescription Medication can be a silent killer in the cabinet! One life lost is far too devastating of a cost. Please reach out to us and join the fight!

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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