Magic The Gathering The Musical, Singing Puppets Battle One Another in a Magic: The Gathering Tournament

Magic The Gathering The Musical by Zombie Cat Productions is a funny and irreverent musical about puppets trying to beat one another in a Magic: The Gathering tournament. It was successfully crowdfunded in 2012, and was recently released online to promote Zombie Cat Productions’ next project, Pepper’s Place.

Jake, a teenager who lives to play Magic the Gathering, heads to the local comic book shop one Saturday to try his hand at the latest tournament. There he finds a wide variety of characters including a Vampire the Masquerade enthusiast, a bumbling nerd down on his luck, and a pair of battling rappers, all there to take the top prize. Jake must gather his strength and use his training to win the day, although his true reward may not be what he expects. Be ready for puppets and singing.

via Geeks Are Sexy