A 1959 Ad for a Luxury High Tech Bed That Features a Control Panel With Room for a Cup of Tea

A vintage clip from British Pathé features a somewhat provocative advertisement from 1959 for a high-tech luxury bed with a control panel to complete the simplest of tasks while lying supine. This includes turning out the lights and closing the curtains. The bed also offers music, heat, and massage. It also has plenty of room for a nice cup of tea.

Check out this £2,500 high tech luxury bed from 1959! It is chock full of gadgets and everyday conveniences from the headboard to the foot of the bed, most importantly a space for your cup of tea.

The ad stresses the importance of such luxury for a “girl” of any social status.

Just push the button and the front of the bed saws skywards. Just the thing after a hard day slaving over a hot and fully automatic oven, a tape recorder for the career girl to dictate into, or for the non-career girl, a means of playing hours of soothing music. A vibro massage machine which knows a wrinkle or two so to speak and irons them out smoothly.

Although the cover is less forgiving of slobs.

Spill your tea on this cover and you’re a peasant. It’s made of velvet and champagne mink. You could spill the weeniest drop of champagne and the merest suspicion of caviar but nothing common like tea.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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