A Sassy Corgi Husky Mix With a Napoleon Complex

A very sassy little mixed-breed dog named Luna, who lives in Regina, Saskatchewan, has the face, coat, and voice of a husky with the stubborn intelligence and the little legs of a corgi. According to her human, Luna is a unique dog who suffers from a Napoleon Complex.

I have a corgi husky mix and she definitely has a Napoleon Complex. …She’s always happy. I think it’s just her eyebrows that make her always look angry. That’s her permanent look.  … when people are over here she is the most affectionate loving dog

Luna had a bit of a rough start before she found her forever home.

I  was actually Luna’s third home by the time she was eight weeks old. She was separated from her mom at four weeks. I have no idea why… the second home just simply said we don’t have the capacity to raise as a puppy like Luna. I think maybe she was just too much of a handful. She’s very stubborn and very sassy.

Luna knows exactly who she is though.

I’m a husky trapped inside a corgi

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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