Lucy, A Highly Detailed Portrait of a Dog Made Using Recycled Cardboard


Texas-based artist Ali Golzad created this highly detailed portrait of a do using recycled corrugated cardboard. “Lucy,” a piece commissioned for an anniversary present, is part of Golzad’s “Recycled Art” series.

Over the years I have developed my own technique using various mediums. Aside from my formal graphic design training and time spent as a Creative Director you could say I am a self taught artist. My urge to create while still caring for our planet enabled me to look at ordinary objects in a new light and transform these commonly discarded materials into something meaningful.

The artist has created a number of projects with the material, including various animals, prominent figures like Barack Obama and John Lennon and an “Invisible People” series created to shed light on displaced children.




images via Ali Golzad

via RecyclArt

Brian Heater
Brian Heater