Loving Human Creates a Backyard Snow Maze For Her Two Dogs While Digging Out From the Blizzard

Dog Maze

Redditor anneewannee took advantage of the heavy snowfall during last weekend’s Mid-Atlantic blizzard to create a backyard maze for her two dogs. Using a shovel, she carefully carved out turns and corners for her boys although it took a little bit for the dogs to understand the concept as “they didn’t realize there were dead ends”. All, however, were happy in the end.

I had to shovel the yard one way or another, so why not have some fun with it. …There really wasn’t anywhere to put it all. I usually shovel aimlessly and create random snow mountains. This time i had a little more structure to my method, but the resulting clear space to snow pile ratio is probably about the same. …We love our small yard, just big enough for our small dogs to go out, and doesn’t take forever to maintain. …You’re never too old to play in the snow

Doxy in Maze

Setter in Maze

in Maze


photos by anneewannee

via Boing Boing