Entangled Yarn Characters in Love Give Away Too Much of Themselves in a Lush Stop Motion Animation

A Love Story Yarn

The BAFTA winning short “A Love Story” by director Anushka Naanayakkara is a gorgeous stop-motion animation that uses yarn and textiles to tell a heartbreaking story of two lonely souls who fall for each other upon first meeting. As the two firmly entangle their lives together, each selflessly gives a piece of themselves to the other. It’s only until one needs much more than the other that they both find their own survival on the line.

Believing themselves to live in a world without sharp edges, instead, they find hardship in a sudden sickness that infects one of them. As the journey from lover to carer and back again grows from unlikely to seemingly impossible, these two creatures must make some hard decisions about how much of themselves they can give, without compromising their identity.

Here’s background footage showing how this lush film was made.

via Short of the Week