Sesame Street Introduces Lily, The First Homeless Character on the Long Running Children’s Show

Sesame Street has introduced Lily, an adorable little red haired girl who’s new to the neighborhood. Lily and her family have been without a home for a while, but are now staying with their good friend Sofia. Between the love of her family, the care of Sofia and a friend in Elmo, Lily is in a good place surrounded by good people who accept her for who she is. Like the introduction of Julia, Lily is there to teach children about empathy, hope and acceptance.

We are proud to announce new resources on Sesame Street in Communities to help young children and families experiencing homelessness. With the help of Lily, a 7-year old Muppet whose family is staying with friends on Sesame Street…

The show has also created a site for parents and children with games, information and activities around understanding family homelessness.

Losing one’s home brings enormous challenges, yet families can be incredibly strong and determined to create a better future. Every family can build a sense of hope and learn ways to cope…and remember that no one is alone. …These resources are for anyone serving children and families, because any child experiencing homelessness is also experiencing trauma. If…Despite these inherent challenges, children and families can be incredibly resourceful and resilient. The most stabilizing force in the lives of these families is the power of relationships with supportive adults like you.

via CNN