Lil Bub’s Human Opens Up About His Life With and Life After the Loss of His Beloved Celebrity Cat

Mike Bridavsky, the human to Lil Bub, emotionally opened up to Vice about his life with the celebrity cat. He focused on how he found Bub, how Bub became famous, and the devastating loss he felt when Bub unexpectedly passed away in December 2019.

Bridavsky started building his collection of Lil Bub’s noises after adopting her from a feral litter near his home in Bloomington Indiana. The cat’s sounds have been used in stuffed animals and bobble-heads, and a full-length electronic music LP record.

Bridavsky also talked about what he was doing to keep Bub’s memory alive using his recording skills.

my collection of bub sounds was done here. …so she asks questions you know it’s really fantastic, like no other cat. …Bub fans know that she is a billboard chart-topping artist. This one’s great it starts with her purring I always sort of thought of it as Bub was my boss she is certainly a greater being she taught me, unconditional love.

Other humans of celebrity animals such as Chloe the mini-Frenchie, Smiley the blind dog and Rukas the cat, also opened up about their beloved animals.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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