Donald Trump Appears to Play an Accordion During Public Speeches in ‘Life Accordion to Trump’

Accordion Trump Holiday

In the holiday themed “Life Accordion to Trump #3“, Australian videographer Huw Parkinson parodied Donald Trump‘s ongoing habit of moving his hands sideways, open and closed, while he’s speaking. Because this repeated motion makes it look like he’s playing an accordion, what better place, then to insert an animated accordion with appropriate sound effects? It works anywhere he speaks; on the White House lawn surrounded by the Republican party or while giving a press conference about Israel.

Merry Covfefe and a Soothing New Year

Accordion in Front of GOP

Parkinson had also previously posted the original “Life Accordion to Trump” right before the Inauguration, when he was still President-Elect.

Then Parkinson posted “Life Accordion to Trump #2” , less than four months into his term.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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