Rock Icon Liam Gallagher Answers 73 Questions While Strolling Through Hampstead Heath in London

Joe Sabia of Condé Nast Entertainment travelled to London for Vogue to meet with the enigmatic, parka-wearing rock icon Liam Gallagher and ask him the now-traditional 73 questions. Amongst the topics broached at they strolled through Hampstead Heath were The Beatles, his favorite part about being a rock star, the latest Oasis resurgence, how he likes being a father and what makes him happy.

What makes me happy? Early mornings make me happy, out there my children and being alive.

This interview was done in a single take without any rehearsal and completely outdoors.

This episode one was shot entirely in one attempt—no rehearsal, no advance peek at the questions. Having nailed it straight out of the gate, Liam walked off—legs akimbo, arms swinging side-to-side—into the midday sun.