A Brilliant LEGO Mecha Coelacanth (Living Fossil Fish) That Has Adapted to a Harsher Future Environment

LEGO Mecha Coelacanth-01-TT

Mitsuru Nikaido has created an absolutely brilliant Mecha Coelacanth, a living fossil fish, which is reimagined as fully adapted to address a much harsher future environment.

The distant future, the environment of the earth was harsh. A highly developed AI has created a Mecha adapted to its natural environment. The Mecha was designed with reference to living things. From living creatures that have survived since ancient times, we can learn a lot.

LEGO Mecha Coelacanth-04

LEGO Mecha Coelacanth-09

LEGO Mecha Coelacanth-02

LEGO Mecha Coelacanth-05

LEGO Mecha Coelacanth-08

via Mike Shouts