Beekeeper Builds a Colorful LEGO Beehive

After watching his children play with their LEGO toys, Israeli beekeeper Dvorat Hatavor decided that he wanted to build a functioning beehive out of the same colorful bricks. He first gathered as many bricks he could find (some official LEGO, some not) and arranged them in the vertically modular form of a Langstroth apiary. Other than design needs, the only rule that Hatavor had for himself was that he not put the same color bricks next to each other.

I decided to try and build a complete Langstroth beehive from LEGO. It toke some time (specially getting all the needed parts, most of them second hand) but finally I got it done. This is the first ever complete real size LEGO beehive I know of (If not I apologize for taking the credit). It has been populated by an existing colony, and it looks like the bees are happy with it so far.