Leash-Trained Black Cat Hikes and Camps Across the United States With His Devoted Human

A leash-trained black cat named Aries loves to hike, camp, and travel across the United States with his devoted human Lindsey.

Aries was found strolling alone in a forest. A girl was passing by and decided to adopt the beautiful black kitty.

Lindsey had found Aries as a kitten while walking through a wooded park in Texas and took him back to her farm, where the little black cat made himself at home. Before she moved to an apartment in Phoenix, Arizona, Lindsey decided that she would teach Aries to walk on a leash so that they could enjoy the outdoors together. Aries took to it almost immediately. Since that time, the pair has traveled across the US by plane and car, rarely apart from one another.

Aries is an adventurous rescue cat based in Phoenix, Arizona. He is an advocate for exploring the great outdoors with your feline friend and is dedicated to encouraging and educating others who want to embark on the adventure cat journey!

Lindsey stated that Aries has made her a better person

Having Aries for a best friend is incredible because we don’t speak the same language and yet we communicate so easily. He has helped me survive and thrive this past year, helped me get outside more, wake up early (against my will), and eat healthy.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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