Laughing Squid at Bar Camp

Bar Camp

I’ll be going down to Bar Camp (which I wrote about earlier this week) this evening and may stop in throughout the weekend. I’ll be bringing Laughing Squid t-shirts with me (all sizes), so if you run into me, just ask me for one.

Of couse the “bar” in Bar Camp does not refer to a place that you go for alcohol, but rather the “bar” in “foobar“. That said, there will be those will want to share a beer as they discuss their next big thing that will revolutionize the internet. So to do our part, Laughing Squid will be sponsoring some of the beer for Bar Camp (“free as in beer”) along with our friends from Simply Hired.

Bar Camp is starting to get some media attention as well. Our friend Daniel Terdiman wrote an article on Bar Camp that was posted today to “Geeks to hold open-source campout”

UPDATE: I’m posting my Bar Camp photos to Flicker throughout the weekend. Here’s photos from Friday, Saturday (day) and Saturday (night). More photos can be found using the barcamp tag.