A Haunting Instrumental Played on a Unique Custom Lap Steel Guitar Made From a Barometer

Talented musician Justin Johnson performed a gorgeously haunting original instrumental that he named “Voices From the Attic” on an equally gorgeous custom lap steel guitar built by magician and luthier Charles Atchison. The instrument combines a century-old barometer and a classic acoustic guitar, both of which give the instrument a rich baritone sound.

The body of this lap steel was a 100+ year-old barometer. The neck came from an old Johnson-brand acoustic guitar. The pickup floats about an inch above the metal soundboard on a magnetic housing, and can freely move linearly between the neck and bridge, which allows for tonal changes (much like a tone knob). It’s also strung with thick baritone guitar strings, which adds even more mojo to the low, mournful, creepy voice.