Beautiful Embroidery of Landscapes and Vistas

British needle artist Victoria Rose Richards creates incredible embroidery that captures the beauty of the Devon countryside where she lives. Not only does Richards recreate colorful vistas that propel the viewer forward, but also aerial views that reveal the geometric patterns of the land.

Richards stated that she took up embroidery as a way to pass the time in between studying binges while she was in school, which help her stave off boredom.

I’m a biology graduate with a passion for embroidery, nature and all things bright and colourful! …I didn’t have a good enough past time to while away the hours I wasn’t using to study. I decided to give embroidery a go and never looked back!

Nowadays, my favourite way to spend my free time is to sew small and colourful landscapes! As someone who has lived in an area of outstanding natural beauty, I take a lot of inspiration from the countryside around me and enjoy using as many bright colours and textures as possible!! I try to make every piece unique and put great love and care into each one.

Richards sells these embroidered landscapes and vistas through her Etsy store.

via Colossal