Kumo the Giant Spider Battles Long-Ma the Giant Dragon Horse in Front of the Ottawa Supreme Court

In celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary, the French robotics group La Machine engaged two of their most incredible mechanical machinesKumo the Spider and Long Ma the fire-breathing dragon horse – in a spectacular battle entitled “The Spirit of the Dragon-Horse, With Stolen Wings” in front of the Ottawa Supreme Court building. This amazing encounter took place over four days around the ByWard Market, before finally culminating at the Canadian War Museum.

“From the ninth level of heaven, Long Ma—a cosmic creature who is half-horse, half-dragon—keeps watch over humanity. But a sinister force that has taken the form of a giant spider slips into his home as he sleeps, burning his wings and robbing his sacred temple. …The giant spider, Kumo, takes refuge in Ottawa, the mother-city of all spiders. Buried deep beneath the waves, the temple remains concealed. But the recent work undertaken by the city to build Ottawa’s new transit line has disturbed Kumo, and she is forced to emerge from the ground. Her power depleted, the spider becomes vulnerable and loses control of the temple, which reappears in the city…

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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