Krzywy Domek, The Crooked Little House of Sopot, Poland That Sports a Distorted Illusory Front Facade

In 2004, the Polish architecture firm Szotynski & Zaleski built a wonderfully illusory building in Sopot, Poland that doesn’t quite look real. The design was based upon whimsical, fairy tale sketches of artist Jan Marcin Szancer and is quite aptly named “Krzywy Domek” or crooked little house. The building’s front facade is made up of crooked lines and distorted shapes that recall childhood cartoons, but the back of the building is a rather standard setup that leads to the main shopping area.

This funny looking piece of architecture is called Krzywy Domek which is Polish for the ‘crooked house’. It is located on Monte Cassino Street in Sopot, Poland. This weird crooked house is actually just an entrance to a building with a few restaurants and clubs. Monciak Street as the locals call it leads to the main square…

Thanks David Klass!