Kraft Releases Ranch Dressing in a Tube As ‘Salad Frosting’ So Parents Can Get Kids to More Eat Greens

Kraft Salad Frosting

For the unique ad campaign “Lie Like a Parent”, Kraft repackaged their famous ranch dressing in a tube as “salad frosting” to help parents make eating salad seem more appealing to their children. This campaign rationalizes that so many parents already tell innocuous lies to their children about so many things on a daily basis, what’s wrong with telling one more lie if it gets their kids to eat their greens.

Be honest. You’ve had to lie to get your kid to eat their healthy stuff. So Kraft is introducing a way to make your lies better. Introducing Kraft Salad “Frosting.” Truth is, it’s just Kraft ranch dressing (and deception). But it’s also a sure fire way to get your kids to eat some greens.

Kraft is also encouraging parents to Tweet their best lie with the campaign hashtag #lielikeaparent.

Tweet your best parent lie using #LieLikeAParent and #Contest. Lies that receive the most likes and adhere to the contest theme and originality will have the chance to win Salad “Frosting!”

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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