Bettie Bee, A Tiny Kitten Who Was Born With Two Faces Fights the Odds to Survive

A sweet little Janus kitten (born with two faces) named Bettie Bee was born on December 12, 2017 in Eastern Cape, South Africa along with a litter of healthy normal kittens. Knowing she would need a great deal of attention that they wouldn’t be able to provide, the family placed the kitten with a very loving human, who is giving her round the clock care. According to this extraordinary human, Bettie Bee is in good health, despite the immense odds against her survival and seems to get stronger every day. Two Janus kittens about whom we’ve previously written about, Harvey Dent and Deucy, passed away from complications within the first few days of their short lives. As of this date, Bettie Bee has survived an amazing two weeks.

Bettie Bee is still doing great, 2 weeks today and eyes are open