An Impressive Star Wars Prequel Fan Film About the Role Ben Kenobi Played in Young Luke Skywalker’s Life

Director Jason Satterlund and a brilliant cast of actors created an incredibly impressive prequel fan film about Obi-Wan “Ben” Kenobi (Jamie Costa) and his connection to Owen Lars (Tommy Snider), Beru Lars (Maxine Phoenix) and their very young nephew Luke Skywalker (Audie Rick), whom they vowed to protect and raise as their own. Despite their differences, Ben and Owen work together to keep the Lars family safe from Imperial soldiers who come looking for the boy.

The production on this “prequel” is so professional, that it’s certainly possible to think that the studio funded it, yet it was made by talented fans.

This is a fan film and not an official affiliation to Lucasfilm/Disney. Please enjoy our love letter to Star Wars. And may the force be with you ALWAYS!

Satterlund shot the film at the Trona Pinnacles in Southern California. This amazing location has an uncanny likeness to that of the fictional planet Tatooine where the family lived.