One Handed Guitarist Finds Great Success As Musician

Keith Xander, who was born without his right hand, who was told that this physical trait would limit his success, has gone on to be an extremely accomplished guitarist with a prosthesis in its place. Xander felt that he had to prove naysayers wrong and did so with a combination of hard work and determination. He also acknowledges the people who were able to look past everything except his talent for music.

The apparent cause of Keith’s success in later life was due to a small number of people looking past his limitations and giving him the help, support and encouragement, he would later need in order to become a successful rock star.

Xander and his big brother Stu formed the band Xander and the Peace Pirates. The band was discovered in 2015 on YouTube by then Gibson Brands CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz and has been playing, touring and recording ever since.

Brothers Keith and Stu were discovered on YouTube by Gibson Brands CEO, Henry Juszkiewicz, and during their subsequent performances for the company at numerous international events, the band caught the attention of not just an ever-growing collective of fans but also industry legends such as Eddie Kramer (Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Kiss, the Stones), who was so smitten by their music he offered to produce the band’s first album.