Katy Bell Hosts Spass Guerilla at 12 Galaxies

Spass Guerilla

Our good friend Katy Bell is hosting Spass Guerilla, a new performance and variety showcase taking place at 12 Galaxies in San Francisco. The first installment is this Tuesday, May 15th, followed by shows on May 29th and June 12th.

Hosted by the very hot, the very sexy and the very twisted Katy Bell; Spass Guerilla is an amateur/variety/freak/gong show of sorts. In the vein of the Acid Cabaret, we throw in the “survival of the fittest open-mic” slant to the chaos with both scheduled as well as impromptu acts vying to win fabulous prizes. FABULOUS PRIZES. Spass Guerilla a medium to showcase your weirder performance ideas, to give a voice and a stage to those bold enough to step up to the plate and swing. Spass Guerilla is for those aspiring stand up comedians who don’t want to play the games of trying to get into those clubs to get to perform, for those songwriters and that demented set of songs they’ve been to shy to perform live, the exotic dance routine that you’ve never been bold enough to do outside the bedroom We encourage you to bring what you’ve got locked up in that closet and let it all hang out. Let your freak flag fly, at full mast!

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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