Katio, A Litter Box for Cats That Fits in a Window Like an Air Conditioning Unit

The Katio is a unique invention that places a cat’s litter box in a window in the same way as an air conditioning unit, complete with side curtain and frame. The main purpose of this design is to keep the litter box accessible and out of sight while giving kitty a nice view of the yard. There’s also a small dog version of this same window box called Dogio.

Katio is a kitty litter box that goes in your window – just like an AC unit – creating a safe outdoor patio for your indoor cat. Answering the question of ‘where to put the litter box’ – Katio not only places the litter box outside, along with the odors it carries, but is also a great space saver for those with limited floor space, such as multi-level apartments or other dwellings with cramped quarters. Katio is designed with accessibility in mind. No more bending over to scoop your kitty’s box – Katio gets the cat box off the floor and puts it up in the window making it more easily accessible for pet owners including seniors and people with disabilities.

The creators are currently seeking to raise funds through Kickstarter in order to get both Katio and Dogio units into production and are offering discounted prices on pre-ordered units.

Katio 1

Katio 2

Katio Exterior View

Cat in Katio

Katio Design

Barbells in Catio

images via Katio

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips