Kama the Surfing Pig Rides the Waves in Oahu, Hawaii

Kama, short for Kamapua’a, is a pet pig who surfs the gorgeous waves of Hawaii with his human Kai Holt. Kama life has been a series of happy accidents. Kama came into Kai’s life by accident when Kai found him as an abandoned piglet on Bellows Beach in Oahu. It was an accident when Kama fell into the family pool and Kai learned that Kama could swim, and if Kama could swim, Kama could surf. And he does it while bringing a smile to the faces of everyone around him.

“You know surfing is Hawaii’s gift to the world. It’s like true happiness, you know, that’s what this guy does. Everywhere he goes he just makes people smile and laugh. He just brings joy to the world.’

You can see more of Kama on his Instagram account.

via Hawaii News Now