A Brilliant 3D Mural That Visually Splits Open the Facade of Palazzo Strozzi to Reveal the Art Inside

In light of the closure of museums around the world due to the COVID-19, the remarkable Ted Prize-winning French street artist and photographer JR employed his talent for socially relevant large scale installations to create “The Wound”, a brilliant 3D mural on the famous Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, Italy that visually cracks open the facade to reveal the art inside the four walls. JR stated that this was a way to reclaim the history that has been kept away from the public so for so long.

They say the museums are closed. But it’s up to us to open them. Here is Florence, the city of Boticelli, Donatello, Machiavel, and Dante, we opened the Palazzo Strozzi. These last few months, we have been deprived from the possibility to be together … but we still the freedom to dream, to create, to envision the future. Maybe, it’s not much, but we have that!

via Colossal