Journey to the Microcosmos, A Fascinating Video Series About the Various Forms of Microscopic Life

Hank Green of SciShow and James Weiss of Jam’s Germs have pooled their collective scientific knowledge to launch a new Complexly video series entitled Journey to the Microcosmos, a fascinating series about the various forms of microscopic life all around us. The series looks at the different types of microcosms, what they eat and how they reproduce.

Organisms featured on this channel will be collected everywhere from soils to ponds, from puddles to seas. These ecosystems are similar to any you might find in the macroscopic world, in many ways. Tiny organisms converting light into energy, like plants. Tiny organisms eating those organisms. And other tiny organisms eating those organisms. …These cultures are whole ecosystems with many different species living alongside each other.

Musician Andrew Huang provides the soundtrack to each episode.