A Short-Haired Joseph Quinn Turns Into the Distinctively Long-Haired Eddie Munson of ‘Stranger Things’

Joseph Quinn shared a fun video that shows him turning into beloved bad-boy Eddie Munson with the expert application of a wig by Melizah Wheat. The normally short-haired Quinn wore Munson’s distinctive long locks with such ease that it looked completely natural throughout the fourth season of Stranger Things. Quinn referenced a classic L’Oreal Paris campaign when referring to this process.

Because I’m worth it?

Joseph Quinn Turns Into Eddie Munson With Wig

Here’s Quinn testing out the wig for the first time.

First wig test w Eddie. Wig by Rob Pickens. Nobody sells it better than Joe he’s the best?The end result is that you see on the screen is a good bit different than where we started. …We started with a slightly less curly look with longer bangs.It felt a bit too done so in the end we cut the bangs a bit shorter and kept it a bit more natural and frizzy. The color is a ash natural 7 But reads a lot darker on screen.

Quinn also talked to Netflix about the redemption arc of his character, noting that Eddie died a true hero.

During London Film and Comic Con, a humble Quinn broke down in tears when a fan in the audience thanked him for giving time to fans and for his stellar portrayal of a very relatable Munson.

Netflix actor Joseph Quinn broke down in tears at a comic event when a fan thanked him for his behaviour at an earlier signing. The Stranger Things star, 29, couldn’t contain his emotions during his first ever Comic Con appearance at Olympia London.