Jordan Schlansky Mansplains How to Order an Espresso to a Caffeinated Conan in Naples, Italy

While in Naples during their trip to Italy, an overconfident Jordan Schlansky mansplained to a rather manic Conan O’Brien the proper way to order an espresso, particularly how ask for it, his erroneous reason why people stand while drinking espresso and the perfect amount of ingredients to make a proper espresso. An overly caffeinated Conan soon became frustrated by Schlansky and proceeded to make friends with some locals, who taught him how to properly say “Lo voglio fottutamente caldo” (“I want it f-ing hot”) in Italian.

Jordan: This is a Neapolitan cappuccino 150 milliliters. It’s only 25 milliliters of coffee made from 7 grams of beans and then about 4 ounces of milk. Look at this man’s elegance, watch his movements. It’s a ballet at the machine. No movement is wasted. Everything is perfect look at him
go. It’s a dance it’s a dancing man and machine.

Conan: No it’s not. He’s making coffee.

Later on, both Conan and Schlansky briefly appeared on the Italian soap opera Un posto al sole.

Conan Soap Opera

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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