John Oliver Humorously Pitches the Superhero He Created When He Was in Fifth Grade

In a web-exclusive video, Last Week Tonight host John Oliver decided to try his hand in the superhero mega-film game and humorously pitched the story of “Johnny Strong”, a cartoon character that he created in fifth grade. Johnny Strong is brave alter ego of John Olivier (no relation) who fights the dark forces of childhood by evening.

Fear not because I have a solution for fans who are looking for something beyond the Marvel and DC universes and I hope some movie executives are watching this and taking notes, because ladies and gentlemen, I present to you next year’s summer blockbuster Johnny Strong. …By day he is mild-mannered fifth-grader John Olivier (no relation) but from the time school lets out until dinner he becomes the let’s say unconventionally handsome hero Johnny Strong. Johnny Strong is a kick-ass hero with a bad attitude he’s seen a boob and he knows what the f word is.