John Cena Meets Teenager With Down Syndrome Who Fled Ukraine With His Mother

When Liana Rohozhyn and her family fled Mariupol, Ukraine in March of 2022, she made a promise to her teenage son Misha that they were going to meet John Cena. Misha, who has Down Syndrome, was reluctant to leave his home so his mother used every tool she had to encourage him to safety, including the possibility of finding his favorite WWE star.

John Cena meets Misha, a teen who fled Ukraine after his home was destroyed. To motivate Misha on their journey to safety, his mother told him they were going to find Cena.

Liana had no way of knowing if she could keep her promise, yet somehow Cena had heard about it. He promptly flew to The Netherlands where Misha and his family are now living and spent the day together.

Cena said that he was inspired by Misha and Liana’s perseverance.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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