A Powerful Pixilation Timelapse Showing a Man’s Hair and Beard Growth Over 101 Days of Quarantine

Photographer Joaquin Baldwin created an incredibly powerful pixilation timelapse of himself from shoulders up, focusing on the growth of his hair and beard over 101 days of quarantine due to COVID-19. While Baldwin’s hair ebbed and flowed within the timelapse, he lip-synched the extremely timely and appropriate Radical Face song “Better Days”. The timelapse was made up of 2,117 individual photos.

Last time I shaved was over 15 years ago. The social isolation of this Covid lockdown has made all of us experiment a bit with how to pass the days, as we fall into a numbing repetition where time moves but goes nowhere. If you can find a little spark of passion, some random obsession, a daily goal to push towards, it can help time become more meaningful, as we wait for the better days that lie just ahead.

Joaquin Baldwin Better Days Timelapse