Jeffrey Wright Asks ‘Should I Be Scared?’ to Anxious Versions of Himself on a Bumpy Airplane Ride

In a rather meta video for the Atlantic/HBO series “Question Your Answers” (previously), actor Jeffery Wright, who brilliantly plays the dual roles of Arnold Weber and Bernard Lowe (in various iterations) on Westworld, attempts to calm different versions of himself on a bumpy airplane flight. While one version of himself is asking “Should I be scared?“, another version is already in a full anxiety attack. This insightful internal conversation calls attention to the very concerning cultural climate of the United States rather than the safety of air travel.

We’re in a metal can and we’re still safer up here and we are down there. Oh yeah because down there is a nightmare: a meteoritem a bus a lunatic with a gun, Nazis with tiki torches, sexual predators with big titles,Russian hackers, Chinese economy, the whole ecological collapse, famine, bad sushi, selfies, the singularity is scary everywhere.