A Wonderful Compilation of Japanese Bullet Trains Passing Through the Snow at High Speeds

Video editor It’s railway! has put together a wonderful compilation of Chuo Shinkansen bullet trains making their way into and out of Kurikoma-Kogen Station in Myagi, Japan through the freezing cold and in the snow.

This is a collection of high-speed passing images taken at the recent Kurikoma-Kogen Station, centered on the Shinkansen (E5 series, H5 series Hayabusa, E6 series Komachi) that pass at high speed while winding powder snow to the platform below freezing temperature.

This particular station does not have any protective cold weather guards in place, so when a train passes through, those waiting on the platform are hit hard with high-speed snowflakes.

There is no siding, and even when it snows, it passes in front of you at 320km / h without mercy. Moreover, since there is no roof on the entire track, once the Shinkansen passes, the whole body will be covered with snow, so be careful.

Japanese Bullet Train in Snow

via Boing Boing