Jane Street, A Hilarious Parody Ad Agency Devoted to Empowering Women Through Their Insecurities

Canadian ad agency John St has hilariously unveiled Jane St., a parody agency dedicated primarily to empowering women to purchase products by using their insecurities against them. Using an acronym known as C-LITT model (Core Lady Insecurity to Target), Jane St. gets to the heart of what they do best with an ad celebrating body hair of all types, that looks remarkably similar the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty .

We can imagine that when a woman uses this product it completely transforms the way she feels about herself and her life. …In order to really stay ahead of the game we need to be able to identify tomorrow’s insecurities today. …I get up in the morning I know that I’m gonna be collaborating with amazing women and sensitive men and I know I’m gonna change women’s lives every day. There’s literally no limit to the amount of empowerment we can empower the power of our brands it’s a win-win for women and girls and it’s a win-win for the brands

Jane St also addressed common female foot insecurities with a pop-up presentation offering a free pair of shoes.

Contrary to what people may think, female empowerment can help boost almost any brand’s image. jane st.’s latest experiential stunt for Terry’s Sandals is a great example of exactly that.

Sylk Her


images via Jane St

via Adweek