Irene McGee Lost Apartment to Fire

No One's Listening radio/podcast show

Last weekend our friend Irene McGee, of the popular podcast No One’s Listening, lost her apartment to a tragic fire, which also killed one of her cats (her other cat was badly injured). A PayPal account has been setup to help her get back on her feet.

Here’s an update that was posted to her blog:

I am sorry to report that Irene’s apartment burned down this past weekend. Fortunately, Irene made it out safely; her cats, however, were not as fortunate. Star died in the accident and Sergeant Johnson escaped, but is recovering from burns. Other than her coveted laptop (which she managed to escape with), Irene has lost most of her belongings and is now homeless and couch-surfing for a short time. (You can view Flickr photos of the site here.) Her friends are putting together living plans and item donations to help her out in this sad time.

Fortunately, you can help as well! Irene needs support and would love to hear from you. (She is indeed receiving email.) You can also donate via the new PayPal donation account. If you have enjoyed her work and her tireless personality, please support her in her hour of need.

photo by Eddie Codel

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