Intrepid Reporter and Photographer Take a Trip Up to the Top of Sutro Tower in San Francisco

In the latest installment of the KQED series Bay Curious, reporter Jessica Plazcek and photographer Adam Grossberg take a trip to the top of Sutro Tower, the infamous San Francisco antenna tower and accidental landmark. Built in 1973, the tower has had a storied history with the city.

The decision was final; a tower would be built on Mount Sutro. …When construction finally began in 1971, the local media were silent. Television stations involved had made a gentleman’s agreement not to report on the tower. Some called it a media blackout. …And many residents have come to love Sutro Tower. You can find the icon in boutiques and even tattooed onto people’s bodies. Newcomers use the tower’s prominence to navigate the city while other San Franciscans profess to love the structure that many tourists find ugly and strange.