Despairing Man Confronts Mortality After a Moth Flies In His Ear in the Surreal Animated Short ‘Into the Flame’

“Into the Flame” is an animated short written and directed by Sean McClintock of Hugh & Cry that tells the story of a despairing man named Floyd whose life changes for the surreal after a moth burrows into his ear. Floyd fleas in a desperate attempt to escape his lepidopteran fate with a breathless chase that leaves him confronting his very own mortality.

Into the Flame follows Floyd, an overworked salesman who’s reeling from the loss of his beloved wife, Rose. A moth burrows into his ear kicks off a surreal and epic chase driving him far from home and potentially out of his mind.

McClintock also made a short film showing how “Into the Flame” was made.

Into the Flame Hugh and Cry

Into the Flame Run

Into the Flame

Into the Flame Despair

Into the Flame Vision

via The Awesomer