Irish Television Host Interviews a Punk, Two Goths, and a Mod on ‘The Late Late Show With Gay Byrne’ in 1983

Irish television host Gay Byrne of The Late Late Show conducted a collective interview in 1983 with four young people who identified with a certain group. The first person Byrne spoke with considered himself a Punk. The second person considered herself a Goth, the third person chose to identify himself as an individual, and the fourth considered himself a Mod. While Byrne’s questions appeared rather patronizing, it seemed that he was trying to understand just what each person stood for. The first interviewee said it best.

It’s a rebellion against the old system that we are born into, that we’re supposed to live by but we don’t agree with today’s system so we rebel against it in our appearance- the way we dress and the way we think.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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