Daughters of Childhood Friends Meet In Person for the First Time After Four Years of Chatting Online

Are you real?

In 2014, redditor Corey Walker and his childhood friend Stalley, who live quite a distance away from each other, introduced their similarly aged daughters Jalyssa and Kylie to each other through FaceTime. Over the course of four years, two little girls have chatted with each other on a daily basis, becoming best friends in their own right. Their fathers were so inspired by the girls’ friendship that they decided to surprise them with an in-person meeting. At first the girls were a bit shy with each other and in slight disbelief, but shortly thereafter gave each other a giant, heartfelt hug.

They’ve become best friends and had never met in person until we surprised them at this moment. …They live 7+ hours away and our schedules have never lined up until this moment. Neither of them knew this was happening. …We stayed from Friday until Sunday. It was a tough goodbye but 15 minutes after we left, that were back on FaceTime. I have a feeling they’ll be together sharing their full story somewhere soon. If not, we’re linking them back up this summer.

Two Girls Hug After Meeting IRL for First Time

Needless to say, these two beautiful little girls enjoyed each other’s company as much as they could for the entire weekend.

BFF’s ????

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