Internet Censorship in Iran Explained in an Infographic

Internet Censorship in Iran

Working with the Iran Media Program, Deroy PerazaEric Fensterheim, and Ambika Roos of Hyperakt created Internet Censorship in Iran, a detailed infographic explaining the bodies of government involved in the country’s strict internet censorship.

It visualizes the relationships between different policy-making and enforcement bodies that block and filter content for Iranian internet users. The piece also spotlights four governing structures: the Supreme Cyber Space Council, the Committee Charged with Determining Offensive Content, the Cyber Army, and the Cyber Police. These have emerged since 2009 as key institutions responsible for controlling the flow of online communications, both within Iran, and between Iranians and the worldwide cyber sphere. Yet the infographic also highlights the ability of Iran’s young, tech-savvy population to circumvent these myriad blocks and filters to access the global Internet

via PopSci, Digg