International TableTop Day, An Annual Geek & Sundry Event to Celebrate Tabletop Gaming

Geek & Sundry producer Felicia Day has announced the start of International TableTop Day, an annual event to celebrate and remind us to pick up a tabletop (board) game and play with or against family and friends. It will begin on Saturday, March 30, 2013. Geek & Sundry has noticed a huge interest in tabletop gaming since starting TableTop, an online web series where geek master Wil Wheaton takes on celebrities in various tabletop games. You can sign up for an event or even create your own event over at Wil describes it all in further detail below.

At, you can find and join events in your town, or create your own! You can play wherever you want, but if you go to your friendly local gameshop, you may just get one of the Tabletop Day exclusive bonuses for games like Gloom, Dixit, 7 Wonders, Castle Panic, Smash Up, and more. It’s so so so awesome, you guys, and I can’t wait for you to see the amazing things our friends in the games industry have created for you.

The very best thing about Tabletop, for me, isn’t that I get to play games for my job or that I get to hang out with awesome people while I do it. I know that seems like it would be the most awesome thing about Tabletop, but it isn’t. The most awesome thing about Tabletop is the community of people who have rediscovered their love of gaming, or started a game night, or have somehow been inspired by our show to play more games. International Tabletop Day is all about you, and it is designed to celebrate the community that inspires me to work as hard as I can to make the best show I can.

I hope you’ll join us on #Tabletopday, and play more games!



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