Guilhem Desq Plays a Brilliantly Soulful Instrumental on an Electrified Hurdy-Gurdy

Guilhem Desq, a very talented a sonneur de vielle, performed a gorgeous, brilliantly soulful instrumental upon a hurdy-gurdy. This multifaceted instrument is part accordion, part stringed, part percussion instrument with a distinctive handle at the bottom that drives a wheel against a string to make it cry. Desq used different electric pedals to give this old-world instrument a heaping of ultra-modern sound.

His sound is unmistakable as he electrifies this originally acoustic instrument and plays a wide variety of genres on it – anything from traditional European folk to Middle-Eastern, contemporary rock, hip-hop and electro.

Desq’s album Visions can be purchased through his Bandcamp page or on Amazon.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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