Instaprint, A Wireless Instant Photo Printer For Instagram

Instaprint by Breakfast at the Details Social Mavericks Party

Instaprint, Photo Printer for Instagram

Instaprint is a small photo printer that prints Instagram photos that are tagged with a particular location or hashtag—in essence, an Instagram photo booth. The printers use Wi-Fi to connect to Instagram, printing relevant photos moments after they are posted. The printers can even be daisy-chained together for higher volume printing. Brooklyn-based interactive agency BREAKFAST created Instaprint back in 2011 as a proof-of-concept. They are now raising funds on Kickstarter to develop Instaprint into a consumer product.

We previously wrote about another BREAKFAST project: Grind, a unique members-only workspace in Manhattan.

photo 1 by Scott Beale, photo 2 via Instaprint

E.D.W. Lynch
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