Ingrid Michaelson Deals With Rainn Wilson and His Friends Trying to Take Over Her Music Video for ‘Time Machine’

The new music video for the Ingrid Michaelson song “Time Machine” features the singer dealing with the ostentatious antics of Rainn Wilson, Donald Faison, Rob Delaney, and more while they try to take over by lip syncing to her vocals. Wilson’s company SoulPancake produced the music video.

The video is vaguely reminiscent of Paul Simon‘s music video for “You Can Call Me Al” which featured Simon being upstaged by comedian Chevy Chase who lip synced Simon’s vocals, relegating him to the backup tracks.

Michaelson has a history of pulling inspiration from classic music videos. In 2014, she modeled the video for her song “Girls Chase Boys” after the video for Robert Palmer‘s iconic “Simply Irresistible.”

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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