Inbox by Google, The Company’s Enhanced Email Service, Is Now Available for All Users to Register

Inbox by Google, the company’s enhanced email service, is now available for all users to register without the previously required invitation. Inbox launched in October 2014 as an invite-only beta.

The service sorts incoming email into various categories and focuses on pushing the most relevant information to the user as conveniently as possible. Users can control what emails trigger a mobile notification so that they can be updated about important messages, but not constantly alerted to less useful emails. Inbox integrates with Google Now to pull information from emails and present them as cards with details about appointments, flights, or reservations. The mobile app also lets users set location-based reminders that trigger when the user arrives at a particular place. Google has also announced the Undo Send feature is now available on the mobile version of Inbox. The feature lets users stop an email immediately after pressing send.

Interested users can download the Inbox app for Android or iOS.

google inbox 3

google inbox 2

google inbox 1

images via Google