Google Introduces Inbox, A New Email System With Enhanced Features Compared to Gmail


Today Google announced Inbox, a new email system with enhanced features compared to Gmail. Inbox offers users the ability to bundle similar types of email together to more easily manage different types of messages. The service will also highlight important details within an email as well as pull additional useful information from the Internet.

Google’s new Inbox will give users “Assists,” supplementary pieces of information to make things like reminders more useful. One example Google gives in the official announcement on their blog is that if a person sets a reminder to call a hardware store, Inbox will also provide the phone number and business hours of that store.

Inbox is rolling out its first wave of invitations starting today, and invited users can in turn invite their friends to use the service as well. Anyone interested can request an invitation from the official Inbox site.

Google has released a video showing off some of the features of Inbox.

image via Inbox