Simon’s Cat Logic Explains the Importance of Properly Playing With Your Indoor Cat

In “Learn to Play Cat” from the wonderfully informative series “Simon’s Cat Logic“, illustrator Simon Toland shares stories about his own cats and their favorite toys, while cat behaviorist Nicky Trevorrow explains the best toys for cats, the best way to play with indoor cats and the importance of playtime.

Indoor only cats should have multiple short play sessions throughout the day. …If you are using a fishing rod toy it’s best to avoid dangling a toy in front of the cat’s face cats are farsighted meaning they can’t see that well under 25 centimeters. Cats much prefer it to have the fishing pole moving it away from the cat, similar to how prey would move. …if you do use a laser toy always end the game on a physical toy like a mouse so the cat has the opportunity to catch and kill something.

Learn to Play Cat

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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